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Caretta Caretta

The Caretta Caretta turtle or the Loggerhead turtle is an oceanic turtle that can measure around 90 cm in length and weigh around 135 kg when fully grown. The loggerhead sea turtle has a low reproductive rate; females lay an average of four eggs clutches and then become quiescent, producing no eggs for two or three years. The loggerhead reaches sexual maturity within 17-33 years and has a lifespan of 47-67 years.

These sea turtles are considered an endangered species and are protected by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Untended fishing gear and fishing nets are the main causes of loggerhead deaths. Efforts to restore their numbers will require international cooperation, since the turtles roam vast areas of ocean and critical nesting beaches are scattered across several countries.

Loggerhead turtles are most active during the day and their daily activities are divided between swimming and resting on the bottom. They will spend up to 85% of their day submerged, with males being more active divers than females. The average duration of dives is 15-30 minutes, but they can stay submerged for up to 4 hours.

The Loggerhead sea turtle is omnivorous, feeding mainly on bottom-dwelling invertebrates such as is sea urchins, sand dollars, sea cucumbers, starfish, corals, sponges, squid, vascular plants, and more.

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