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Spectacular scenery, the existence of the biological richness such as sea, dunes, lagoons, swamps, lakes, forests, wildlife and historic site Caunos. The charming and beautiful town, Dalyan.


The population of Dalyan is about 5300 and this may reach several times of its original level during a tourism season. Furthermore, a considerable amount of tourists come to the region via daily tours from Marmarais, Fethiye, and Bodrum.


Dalyan has a Mediterranean climate, thus it presents the typical flora characteristics of this climate type. The region has very rich plant cover.


Apart from agriculture in rural centers, fishing and bee farming is also developed in the region.

Dalyan Paradise

The ancient history.
The ancient city of Caunos, discovered in 1842, lies here with its ruins dating back to the 3rd Century. It grew into a major area on the border between Lycia and Caria...

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Natural beauties...
Because, the Iztuzu Coast is the breeding place for Caretta Caretta Turtles & by the efforts of nature lovers the region the region was declared as a special protected area...

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Healing places..
Apart from its natural beauties, Dalyan is also known as the “healing place”. It is told, even the ancient Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, frequented the mudbaths of Dalyan regularly...

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How to get here

Dalaman Airport

Since the construction of the new International Terminal, Dalaman Airport is poised to be the biggest touristic airport in Turkey with its 210.000 sq mts apron area & 10 million passenger capacity per year.


Dalyan is situated only 20 minutes away from International Dalaman Airport which is served from all main aiarports in Europe.


Distances to Dalyan

  • Iztuzu Beach: 10 km.
  • Dalaman: 20 km.
  • Dalaman Airport: 27 km.
  • Göcek: 29 km.
  • Fethiye: 62 km.
  • Ölüdeniz: 71 km.